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Good luck to all!

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Good luck to Maurice, Roy and Chris, plus all competitors, officials and spectators at the Southern 100 from this online listener in Liverpool.


Conor is back on IOM

Posted: July 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Conor Cummins has been in the Royal in Liverpool for the last 3 weeks. We’ve been to see him a few times. He’s been coping with his enforced lay-off really well. Yesterday evening he was able to go back to the island. He’s now in Nobles continuing his recovery.

I see that Wayne Gardner has called for the TT to be banned  I’ll make a couple of points – hardly original but clearly worth repeating. On average more people are killed attmepting to climb Everest than racing the TT (four deaths on Everest already this year). No-one would call for a ban on mountaineering. Wayne says that prize money is wrong at the TT because it tempts poor-performing short-circuit riders to try their luck. In fact only around a tenth of the entry for any TT has a realistic chance of getting onto the podium and those riders are an elite corps who are absolute experts in the aart of road racing in general and the Mountain Course in particular.  The rest do not come to make money – it costs them money.

There are many threats to the TT but banning it because of the risk to riders is not one to be taken seriously. Far more serious would be the consequences of another incident involving spectators as per 2007.