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Bob McIntyre plaque given go-ahead

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The family of the late Bob McIntyre have given their approval for a plaque to be placed outside the Sulby Glen Hotel where Bob retired his Honda 250 after his astonishing lap of 99.58mph in 1961. Ian Huntly is now looking for donations to bring the plan to fruition.


Radio TT is up for top award

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Radio TT has been shortlisted for an award by IRN, Independent Radio News. We’re up for the Best Sports Story gong, one of three radio stations to be nominated along with Real Radio Scotland and BRMB Birmingham. Listen to the entry here: tt rainrace 2011 sportentry

I’m delighted about this because we have a fantastic and unique team which regularly rises to the most unpredictable of occasions.

Asking the right questions at the right time: Chris Kinley

Radio TT is pulled together for two weeks each year with a combination of full-time radio professionals, part-time freelances, and others whose sole broadcasting experience has only ever been at the TT. It is one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with and one big reason is motivation. We all want to be involved, we all count the days till it starts every year. Teamwork is another factor. There are no over-riding egos. The team dovetails naturally, knowing we can rely on each other. The ability of each individual is beyond question, whether it’s Roy and Dave describing events at Ramsey and Glen Helen, or Mavis and Heike chatting away in French and German. There’s a lot of good humour all fortnight, off air as well as on air, and that includes those who voices may not be heard but whose presence is certainly felt – the engineers, the timekeepers, and our producer Eunice Cubbon. I’d like to think Eunice and myself have gelled since day one. We have the same approach to the job and the same broadcasting values.

The reason this matters is that the days are long and unpredictable. Uniquely in my experience there is never any script, no running order, no formal structure for a live show which can extend over an entire working day. We set off and see what happens. Of course, we are not completely flying by the seat of the pants. There is a tradition and a pattern which were established by Peter Kneale and Geoff Cannell, both overseen by Eunice, and today we amend and update things as we see fit. It’s a bit like the British Constitution – nothing is written down but somehow it all works. In recent years an extra layer of journalism has been grafted on by Tim Glover and Chris Kinley which gives our output a bite which you don’t always find in the live broadcasting of sports events.

The entry which seems to have impressed the people at IRN is a selection from the day of the Supersport TT when the riders objected to riding, deeming the wet course too dangerous. The race started anyway, but was red flagged on the second lap when it became, er, too dangerous.

We’ll find out near the end of March if we’ve won the award but I’m well pleased just to be on the shortlist. That in itself is deserved recognition for our team.

Bad news for Hutchy and Shaun

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Twitter was the place to be yesterday. It was a tweet from MCN that alerted me to Hutchy having broken his leg again while preparing for a show at the ExCel. That didn’t sound good and while looking for confirmation I was well aware that Hutchy himself, normally an active tweeter, was unusually silent. Then Shaun Muir tweeted to confirm that Hutchy has sustained a fresh break, not a repeat of one of his previous fractures. I can’t imagine what Hutchy is going through, having been well on his way to recovery from the Silverstone 2010 incident. Talk about the ups and downs of road racing. Hutchy has pretty much seen it all, from having his first podium taken away because of a technical infringement to winning all five in a year, and now from completing an amazing recovery from multiple fractures to sustaining a new fracture in a comparatively innocuous activity. The good thing is, he has seen it all. So he knows he can recover yet again. Which I’m confident he will.

Good luck to Hutchy, and also a word of sympathy to Shaun and the Swan Yamaha team who signed up Hutchy after the 2010 TT and, through no-one’s fault, haven’t seen much return on their investment. So far.

Chris Evans discovers the TT

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Chris Evans was given an introduction to the TT on his Radio 2 show yesterday. He interviewed Steve Christian, producer of Closer to the Edge. Meanwhile Steve and the rest of the CineMANX team are celebrating an Oscar nomination for their recent production Chico and Rita. It’s nominated for the best animated film – great news and good luck for the big night. Listen to Steve’s interview with Chris here . It appears at 2 hours 07 mins on the timeline.