McGuinness a class act

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

John McGuinness looked in top form in last night’s practice session. I was at Braddan and John swept through there with such smooth power it reminded me of Joey Dunlop at the same spot in 2000.

Guy Martin last night

Not everyone looked so commanding. Cameron Donald tipped into the left-hander too soon and had to stand the bike up in a hurry; Ian Hutchinson went into the bend too strong and had to knock speed off quickly. Cameron though is one of the names we’re all talking about here after a lap of 129.023 last night putting him second only to McGuinness on 129.411.

Other riders making an impact so far: William Dunlop 124.770 to top the Supersport rankings, Jamie Hamilton the fastest newcomer at 117.4, and the Norton has completed a lap with Ian Mackman taking the British-built Aprilia-powered bike around at an average 112.364mph last night.

James Hillier at Braddan

They were showing ‘Closer to the Edge’ in the bar at the Sefton Hotel last night, with sub-titles to compensate for the soundtrack not being audible. It was fantastic to see people riveted to the screen, mouths open, meals going cold. Great movie.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to be having our full dress rehearsal with the radio team but the weather forecast is not too good and we’ve been placed on stand-by to run the outside broacast on Friday instead. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

  1. lance wilson says:

    if he keeps this up he could be the winner of the most TT,s…..not long to go and he is riding so well and confident…………….he is keeping the bank manager happy every TT!!

  2. ted edwards says:

    Charlie love your reports but please don’t tell me the weather is changing as I am coming over on friday.

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