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Congratulations Wyn Evans! The award of the MBE in the New Year’s Honours is exactly what the honours system ought to be about. Wyn’s role is rider welfare officer at the TT and MGP, an innocuous sounding title, but the duties are as tough as they come. If a rider’s next of kin, or pitcrew, have to be informed of a serious crash or a fatal one, it is usually Wyn who breaks the bad news and provides the immediate support. For someone to put themselves up for this task seems to me the height of human generosity and compassion. In addition Wyn is always looking out for the interests of the riders, for example she often intercedes if she feels the media are becoming too intrusive.

All too often the honours system seems to heap even more glitter on people who are already more than well recognised but this MBE hits the mark: showing the gratitude and respect of the community to someone who does a uniquely challenging job with quiet dignity and dedication.