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Message from Charlie Williams

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Charlie Williams won’t be at the TT this year. He has posted this message on his Facebook page:

9-times TT winner Charlie Williams on duty for Radio TT 2012. Photo: Dorothy Lambert

9-times TT winner Charlie Williams on duty for Radio TT 2012. Photo: Dorothy Lambert

Now that the dust has settled a little I would once again like to thank all of you that have been so supportive of me during the last week. The response has been truly overwhelming! I have made the decision not to attend the TT this year but hopefully will get over for the Manx.  Whether you will be on the Island during TT fortnight or not- have a great TT!


This is why I love radio

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

I think the word ‘memorable’ just about sums up the last couple of days. Really, I can’t thank everyone enough for the comments which followed my post on Thursday evening. I thought there might be a bit of reaction but never imagined anything on the scale which has developed, not just on this blog but on @charlielambert Twitter and also on various forums. I’ve also had all sorts of personal messages, emails, texts and phone calls and I don’t mind admitting that the old eyesight has strangely gone a bit watery at times! I’ve heard from fellow broadcasters and journalists, plenty of friends from Manx Radio, well-known individuals who have served the TT and MGP well for many years, competitors and even race winners, good friends who I’ve come to know through the TT and MGP and so many genuine road race enthusiasts who have listened in from heaven knows how many locations around the globe.

I love radio. Of all the media I’ve worked in, radio is tops. It allows you to make an instant connection with the listener and make it personal, without the paraphenalia of TV to clutter things up. I’m so pleased that this has worked for me with Radio TT.

I remember Cameron Donald coming up to me at the presentation at the Villa Marina in 2008 and thanking me for the commentary which his family had listened to live in Melbourne as he won the Superbike TT. His brother had taped it and replayed it back to Cam down the phone line. That was magic.

I want to emphasise that I have nothing but good feelings about Manx Radio. I think they have found themselves between a rock and a hard place this year, but what a load of fun we’ve had together.

Of course there have been occasions when being the lead commentator has been anything but fun. Having to break news about serious injuries and fatalities at a sporting event is difficult. Among those occasions was the terrible crash by Nicky Crowe and Mark Cox in 2009. Bits and pieces of news trickled in and for a long time I was convinced one if not both were gone. I’d only been chatting to them in the paddock shortly before they went out. It was absolutely desperate and all the time I was holding the fort live on air as we waited for definite news. So when I read Nicky’s comment in response to my blogpost on Thursday – well, it was another misty moment.

The Isle of Man Examiner rang yesterday and asked what were my favourite moments. Where to start? Where to finish? Far too many to sum up briefly. So I plan to write a book about my time in the TT tower.

The best laugh I’ve had came from someone who posted a brilliant spoof EBay auction item on the TT website forum. If you haven’t seen it, click here and scroll down. Classic!



Today I was informed that Manx Radio will not be renewing my contract to commentate on the TT and MGP races.

I’m very disappointed about this although it did not come as a massive shock. It’s been evident for several months that Manx Radio and the IoM Government were having difficulties reaching a deal for 2013. Money is in short supply and I’m part of the collateral damage.

So is my pal Charlie Williams who is not being engaged this year and I’m also very sad that our fantastic duo Mavis Brown and Heike Perry are not going to be providing commentaries in French and German.

Over 9 years I’ve called home 193 races. It has been a massive privilege to do this, and be the commentator at the 2007 centenary, the first 130mph lap, Hutchy’s five in a row, Dan Kneen’s MGP treble, the closest-ever finish on the Mountain Course when Craig Atkinson won the MGP Junior, Carolynn Sells recording the first victory by a woman, and be involved in projects like Closer to the Edge, the TT Zero documentary and many other activities, not least being asked to lead the funeral of Paul Dobbs.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me over the years, especially Eunice Cubbon, Norman Quayle, Tim Glover, Chris Kinley and Martin Bullock. And above all Dorothy Lambert who is the only one who knows exactly how much of a challenge it’s been at times.