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I announced on this blog a few months ago that I was writing a book about my time as TT commentator. Since then things have really moved on quickly. I’ve written over 60,000 words, signed a deal with motorsport specialists Veloce Publishing, obtained the agreement of the guv’nor himself John McGuinness to write a foreword, and persuaded Alan Knight to let me use many of his fabulous action photographs. Not content with that, Alan set up a special shoot with Jenny Tinmouth, creating a wonderful portrait of the TT’s fastest-ever woman rider for use in the book.



The publisher’s deadline was last Monday and it was a last-minute rush to get the photos finally selected, ordered and captioned. Really exciting and enjoyable, going back through notes, journals and memories to create a portrait of the incredible ups and downs since I first took the mic in May 2004. A good few people have helped me get this far and I pay due tribute in the book but I must say that Phil Wain has been magnificent. Phil is one of the leading journalists at the TT and does a lot of media work with the top riders. Phil’s generosity is typical of the best people associated with the TT and MGP. The book’s title is TT Talking, sub-title The TT’s Most Exciting Era. I don’t have any info yet on publishing date or price but I’ll be posting any details here and on Twitter @charlielambert as soon as I have them.

What a year it’s been!

Have a very happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year.