This is me interviewing the maestro of the Mountain Course John McGuinness, as ever under the watchful eye of producer Eunice Cubbon, in the Radio TT commentary box overlooking Glencrutchery Road

This review of Radio TT was posted before the ‘old’ team was dismantled in April 2013.

Radio TT is pulled together for two weeks each year with a combination of full-time radio professionals, part-time freelances, and others whose sole broadcasting experience has only ever been at the TT. It is one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with and one big reason is motivation. We all want to be involved, we all count the days till it starts every year. Teamwork is another factor. There are no over-riding egos. The team dovetails naturally, knowing we can rely on each other.

The ability of each individual is beyond question, whether it’s Roy Moore and Dave Christian describing events at Ramsey and Glen Helen, or Mavis and Heike chatting away in French and German. There’s a lot of good humour all fortnight, off air as well as on air, and that includes those who voices may not be heard but whose presence is certainly felt – the engineers, the timekeepers, and our producer Eunice Cubbon.

With Roy Moore at MGP 2012

With Roy Moore at MGP 2012

The reason this matters is that the days are long and unpredictable. Uniquely in my experience there is never any script, no running order, no formal structure for a live show which can extend over an entire working day. We set off and see what happens. Of course, we are not completely flying by the seat of the pants. There is a tradition and a pattern which were established by Peter Kneale and Geoff Cannell, both overseen by Eunice, and today we amend and update things as we see fit. It’s a bit like the British Constitution – nothing is written down but somehow it all works. In recent years an extra layer of journalism has been grafted on by Tim Glover and Chris Kinley which gives our output a bite which you don’t always find in the live broadcasting of sports events.

In 2012 we were honoured to be nominated in the category of Best Sports Story at the annual IRN (Independent Radio News) Awards.

Radio TT team 2011 with Murray Walker and Maurice Mawdesley

Manx Radio TT raceday line-up in 2010, 2011 and 2012:

Editor: Tim Glover. Producer: Eunice Cubbon. Commentators: Roy Moore (Ramsey Hairpin), Chris Kinley (Pitlane), Dave Christian (Glen Helen). Timekeepers: Pat O’Hanlon (Ramsey Hairpin), Norman Quayle (Grandstand), Tim O’Hanlon (Pitlane), Roy Sweetman (Glen Helen).

Engineers: Darren Leeming (Glen Helen), Ed Rixon (Ramsey Hairpin), Bob Allison and Catherine Nicholl (Grandstand). French commentary: Mavis Brown. German commentary: Heike Perry.

Mavis, Eunice and Heike

Norman Quayle

Dorothy Lambert

CL with Maurice Mawdsley

Charlie Williams, John Kennaugh, Dave Christian

Chris Kinley

Bob and Catherine

Tim Glover, Phil Edge and me at the MGP

  1. kristina says:

    A big well done to the Manx radio TT team who keep us all informed throughout the day. It helps all us volunteers from Braddan football club, who are working hard down at isle of man TT camping, inform the fans and get through the busy days. A lot of happy bikers have been fed and watered before watching the races, well done martin, rod and of course craig who makes it all happen! A big well done guys!
    Thank you

    Enjoy your TT and keep safe riders!

    • Richard kidals says:

      Hi Charlie and the Team.
      Thought a bit of verse might cheer you all – this is a reflection of the success in the sidecars for Molyneux/Farrence and wonders of Partnerships !

      The wonders of great sporting partnerships

      I liked the quote pasted from the BBC; it should stop and make you think.
      “Racing with Dave is like playing for the best football team in the world. I am over the moon.”
      A moment for us all to reflect on the joys of partnership.

      For sure, football is an important comparative, don’t forget the partnership of Dalglish and Rush.
      Yet, Paisley that wonder of a manager, helped to sort a great relationship and let us not forget
      Dalglish would be nothing without Rush and maybe vice versa.

      The classic partnership of of Emilo Butragueno and Hugo Sanches of Real Madrid.
      Did’nt even like each other, yet five titles later you wouldn’t have guessed.
      The 89-90 season and 107 golas later, who cared about differences, history would tell.

      Andy Cole and Dwight yorke came together, through chance or accident.
      Instant chemistry some said, even wrote, a wonderful start; three games hitting 14 wonderful goals.
      Culminating in 53 goals between them in one season, partnership looking swell.

      So Dave Molyneux and Patrick Farrance, partnerships in sport may change.
      Sidecar statistics can tell, partnerships are what counts, written in history
      Sporting partnerships to reflect and smile at, enjoy, and even Grow from.

  2. ted edwards says:

    Well done everyone.I have been to a few TTs and this year I am at home in Croydon but listening to all of you has brought the atmosphere into my living room.My only regret is that I did not listen to you before either on or of the Island.I will be over next year so I will look forward to meeting some of you. Regards Ted

  3. Ian Leacy says:

    Thank you so much for the commentaries. I live in Spain, have done the last 31 TT’s and many MGP’s but can’t be there this time. Listening on the laptop is the next best thing and almost feels like being there, it’s like home-from-home!!
    Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  4. Ian Leacy says:

    Hi Charlie
    I’m sorry this has taken so long but back in November you asked me to provide copies of the articles I wrote for the TT Supporter’s Club magazine about memorials around the TT Course. I’ve had a bit of trouble finding them but now have three parts out of the four of which it consisted. I’ve cobbled together what I can remember of the missing part.
    I wonder if you could let me have your email address, or at least one where I can send this batch of pages as attachments
    Kind Regards
    Ian Leacy

  5. Ian, I have sent you an email. And hope I haven’t put you to too much trouble.

  6. HONDATED says:

    TT 2012 will be even better than TT 2011 as this year I will be on the Island.My first purchase when I get there will be a TT radio to make sure I can listen to the excellent commentary from TT Radio just like I did last year in Croydon wishing I was there. Cannot wait.

  7. Gerald J. Shields says:

    I have visited Les Trotter today, after another trip to the hospital he was allowed home. He looked very well considering what he has been through, and D’reen is just great.
    Typical of Les he is racing ahead and wont slow down, the best is he looked well and is on the road to a good recovery.
    We all wish him the best.

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